New York Fashion Week: Spring 2011 Beauty Trends I follow

7 Oct


HIGH BUN   Marchesa

How I wear my high bun

Side pin Mischka

My side pin 🙂 i just use any clip or bobby pin


My favorite bright lipstick is pink ❤ but i’ll soon branch out to other colors

undone-updo Rag-e-Bone

My messy undone  up-do


2 Responses to “New York Fashion Week: Spring 2011 Beauty Trends I follow”

  1. Tori October 9, 2010 at 11:49 pm #

    Cute! I loveee your high bun emulating Marchesa, but I think if you added jewels that would definitely implore what Marchesa was going for! and I love Marc by Marc Jacobs Brights for his show! The straw hats were my fave! Rag-e-bone’s wet look for runway is kind of hard to emulate because wet hair does not really work for a day or night, so i guess it should stay strictly runway. or what do you think?

    • fashionxxxvictim October 10, 2010 at 12:59 am #

      I enjoyed reading your feed back. Oh I too am a big fan of the high bun 🙂 its so easy and quick, though I didn’t add the jewels that day because I felt that would have been more of a night look.
      Though your right, the wet look is better off left on the run way. Personally when I wear the wet undo up-do I style my hair to the point it’ll still look amazing when it does dry.

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