It’s Been A While, But You’re Still Very Missed

17 Nov

Before you read what happened to my friend Joshua Evans and his family, I would like to let everyone know the reason why I posted this article. Reason one being that I am pregnant and lately on the news I’ve been hearing these crazy stories of how crazy men and women and kidnapping and killing pregnant mothers to be just to steal their babies, this saddens me because I had a childhood friend who lost his life as well as his mother and sister because someone wanted his mothers baby. Crazy but the world has come to this and I’ll admit the fact that being pregnant kinda freaks me out, because I know stuff like this can happen. So to all mothers to be  just be careful.

Another reason why I wrote this post is because I’ll never forget Joshua, he always made me laugh or grin during movie time at Black Hawk Elementary.

The Story Of What Happened

28-year-old Deborah Evans had three children, was full-term pregnant with a boy she had already named Elijah, and was on welfare. She had moved away from the drug-infested Chicago suburb of Hanover Park to Addison in the hope of finding a better life for herself and her children.
On November 16, 1995, Laverne Ward appeared at her apartment with his cousin Jacqueline Williams and her boyfriend Fedell Caffey. Ward was high on crack at the time, and an argument broke out.

Caffey then shot Deborah in the head with a handgun and stabbed her repeatedly with a knife. Then Ward and Caffey stabbed Deborah’s ten-year-old daughter Samantha to death. Samantha died trying to defend herself, because her forearms were covered in knife wounds.
Then they got down to the reason they had come to Deborah’s apartment in the first place — to take her preborn child. Caffey and Williams planned to claim the child was theirs. They used a knife and scissors to perform a crude cesarian section on Deborah, and delivered her 6½-pound baby.
Ward, Caffey and Williams then fled the bloody scene with Elijah’s eight-year-old brother Joshua, but left behind Ward’s 1½-year-old Jordan to fend for himself. Then the three poisoned, strangled and stabbed little Joshua to death and dumped his body in a Maywood alley because he was a witness to the murders.

Deborah’s live-in boyfriend James Edwards returned home to find little Jordan, crying and splattered with blood, but otherwise unharmed.
Incredibly, the child taken from his mother’s womb survived and lives with his maternal grandfather along with Jordan.
Williams had been feigning pregnancy since July and her family even had a baby shower for her, despite the fact that she had been sterilized and had not been pregnant. Williams said that she and Caffey wanted a light-skinned baby like the mixed-race child that Deborah, who is white, would have had.
Ward, Williams and Caffey were all convicted of three counts of murder, one count of kidnapping and one of armed robbery for looting the home. Williams and Caffey now sit on death row, and Ward received a life sentence for his crimes.
Ward had previously done time for drug dealing and domestic battery. He had also called up several former girlfriends and told one that if she did not break off a relationship with her current boyfriend, “if you don’t want the same thing that happened to Debbie to happen to you.” 

References:  Jill Smolowe. “Ripped from the Womb.” Time Magazine, December 4, 1995; Steven Ertelt’s Pro-Life Infonet at, June 14, 1998.



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