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21 Jul

I will be changing my blog over to and I’d love it if you subscribed to my new blog, because I will be deleting this page tonight. Also new post is up on my new blog  don’t forget to comment or like =)


xoxo- Bee

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Late Night Fashion

7 Jul




It was late Ramsey and I decided to get some Chef Lee’s Mandarin House food to go. I had fried chicken and white rice. Yum!!! Rams had orange chicken and pork ribs. Not a fan of the pork ribs :/

What I Was Wearing

Shirt by: no name
Sweater by: Kenar
Shorts by: Forever21
Tights by: Forever21
Moccasins by:Forever21
Studded bag by: Forever21

4 years to this day I met you

6 Jul


Our Love

I met Ramsey my first year of college and have been head over heels for this guy ever since 🙂 our 4 year anniversary is July 20th and we are super excited to celebrate it. I really can’t believe that so much has changed with us, we have our baby girl Kylur, and our wedding coming up. We are truly blessed.

I still remember the moment Ramsey walked into class. He literally took my breath away, I just knew he was the one and that I was in love.

He says, ” The moment he saw me, he couldn’t take his eyes off me and that he was destined to make me his forever”.

Every week I’ll post a picture of us through out our journey together haha till July 20th.


The picture above is of Ramsey and I in my apartment.


This picture is from our baby shower 🙂 than a week later Kylur Sky came.

New scents

2 May

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Yum! Both are by Britney Spears the green-bottle is called believe and the blue-bottle is called circus. I got both at Marshall’s. I only wear Britney Spears perfumes because they smell so so good and the bottles are lovely. If you’re looking for a new scent try some Britney.

Hello Kitty

2 May

If you don’t know by now I’ll fill you in =) I’m obsessed with Hello Kitty i think she’s really cuteWell any how i was in K-Mart looking for my daughter a dress for Easter and I came across the headset and computer lamp light. That saying my daughter is almost 5 months and she notices everything now and bright lights and music distract her from her beauty sleep so I got these to listen to my tunes and to be able to do my homework at night.

New Music That i Cant Get Enough of

4 Apr

I love love love her new album =D I personally think its her best work yet. If you haven’t listened to it please do

Inside Scoop on Wedding Details

4 Apr

The Cake


The cupcakes and cookies YUM!



The invitations

This is an example of what the invitations will look like, i just didn’t want to put ours on here with all our info.



Dress inspiration