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Sinful Summer Nail Polish

7 Jul



I went to Walgreens yesterday and bought some summer color for my nails. I love the summer it’s when the brightest colors come out. Each bottle was $1.99. Enjoy!

All nail polishes were by SinFul Colors

Lime green: Neon Melon 56
Light yellow: Unicorn 953
Rusty orange: Pullover 955
Purple: Verbena 954
Hot pink: Fusion Neon 60

Oh my favorites were Verbena and Pullover. I felt I had to layer Neon Melon a lot.

What do you think?


New look that brings out big brown eyes

5 Apr


Want Whiter Teeth?

17 Mar

I Also bought the whitening rise =) Call me crazy but i feel it working every single time i use it. I  Use it twice a day, once in the morning after brushing my teeth with the 3D vivid whitening tooth paste and i do this routine before i go to bed as well.
I’ve been using this toothpaste for only 4 days now and i can see a BIG difference. I do recommend this to anyone who wants their pearly whites to stay white or to anyone who wants a brighter smile. =)

New York Fashion Week: Spring 2011 Beauty Trends I follow

7 Oct


HIGH BUN   Marchesa

How I wear my high bun

Side pin Mischka

My side pin 🙂 i just use any clip or bobby pin


My favorite bright lipstick is pink ❤ but i’ll soon branch out to other colors

undone-updo Rag-e-Bone

My messy undone  up-do

My Makeup For The Day

1 Sep

Bold Eyes

Makeup I LOVE

16 Aug

I’ll be doing a video on what products I use from these stores soon =)