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In Love With My VIETA Bag

9 Jul

Hand Bag


 I got this bag from Marshalls and I totally love it, the color brings out any outfit and I feel that it can be put with any look your going for because the color pops so much, that is why I bought it because I needed something to stand out with my all black looks. I believe it was either $9.99 or $19.99, somewhere in that price range but it was such a great deal.

What do you think?


Late Night Fashion

7 Jul




It was late Ramsey and I decided to get some Chef Lee’s Mandarin House food to go. I had fried chicken and white rice. Yum!!! Rams had orange chicken and pork ribs. Not a fan of the pork ribs :/

What I Was Wearing

Shirt by: no name
Sweater by: Kenar
Shorts by: Forever21
Tights by: Forever21
Moccasins by:Forever21
Studded bag by: Forever21